Eva is a software designed to help in the early stages of planning architecture and room layout. In an interactive process, based on a given room program or property parameters, different basic approaches are being generated and tested on their verisimilitude. Before going into detail some versions are being excluded or the best ones are being progressed. Compared to other analogue developing processes Eva can record a lot more possible versions in an even shorter time. Eventually this makes it easier for architects or designers to decide on one version and not just see it as an optimizing task. Because of the easily comprehensible graphic illustration of the developing process, it can be shown to the building contractor with the possibility of participation or modification.



why do I need Eva?
Imagine that planning your next building layout takes just a few minutes. 

building site generator – time savings
With Eva, you create 5 fully-fledged architectural studies in less than a minute. 

floorplan generator – time savings
Generate two floorplan variations in only 2 minutes with Eva!

room program manager – time savings
You want to visualize an Excel room program with 180 rooms?
Eva, you are ready in 30 seconds!

Cost-efficient architecture competition
You are wondering how you participate more cost-efficient in competitions?
With Eva, you easily save more than 10% of the hours spent. That already lowers your cost by at least 1.000 € for a smaller competition.  

Cost-efficient planning of buildings
It can be financially tough to detail numerous planning studies for your client. Eva allows you to test 3 studies with all the characteristics have done I the same time you 1 study before.

Security in planning due to exact characteristics
Do you prefer to not rely on roughly estimated features?
Eva provides you with exact gross characteristics for your architectural study and the actual net area for your generated layout of the floor plan!

residential building study with several apartments
Have you already seen that Eva also displays the number of apartments? Besides, it shows the required cores in the architectural study of a residential building. 

display of the guidelines for the land – use plan
Eva considers all the guidelines from the property – use plan by using adjustable parameters of the building line. 

quick visualization of the room program for CAD programs
From uploading an Excel room program to exporting the room stamp with all characteristics, it will only take you a few minutes with Eva for the universal CAD program!

room features taken into account in the layout for the floor plan 
Have you already noticed that you can enter features for the rooms such as exposure, lightning, grouping, proportions and minimum width individually with Eva?
That will be taken into account in the generated layout of the floor plan by Eva automatically

Circulation taken into account in the layout of the floor plan
Have you already noticed that you can enter different circulation systems and voids for the layout of the floor plan with Eva?
They will be placed around the circulation in the design of the floor plan by Eva automatically. 

Time saving

Save time with each competition or initial study. The automatic features will enable a swift search through the solution space. Review more variants in less time. You will be left with more time for the elaboration of your design.


With Eva you can save time managing your space allocation program, and while exploring the solution space for mass placement and floorplan configurations.